My name is Ry B.

22. Raver. Filipino. Gay. Proud.

Comics. Cute boys. Motivation. Food. Home. Oahu. Bay Area.

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90% of the people you’ve told that you’re working out expect you to give up, DON’T! Prove them wrong, smile and enjoy the jealousy on their faces!
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Replenish your body
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And work from there

I lost a follower because of my thirst for hot guys. Worth it.

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More good vibes here
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Good Guy Burglar

no you don’t understand.
he fully knew that he’d be arrested for breaking and entering but he still reported this.
he know he’d go to jail, but he put human decency before his own freedom and called out this disgusting sexual perversion.
and if you don’t think that’s the tightest shit ever get out of my face.
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Mañana nuevo #ROTUBE ¿Vivir sólo y andar así por tu depa? o ¿Vivir con tu mejor amigo/a? De invitado #villegaz #VineStar Suscríbanse a mi canal de Youtube!
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